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"My goal in writing is that my words may become a catalyst for all women to create a way to escape the negative circumstances that inhibit their abilities to become who they are truly meant to be. "


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  1. Setting
    Four New York City corporate executives: Vanessa, Anne, Monica, and Maria struggle with various issues associated with abandonment and lovelornness.
  2. Characters
    At first glance, it appears as though they have nothing in common, however as members of The Sangrita Club, they discover that they are all seeking a way to escape.
  3. Plot
    The Sangrita Club explores these women's lives as they forge a bond while facing adversities, turning their stumbling blocks into stepping-stones.
  4. Cliffhanger
    The Sangrita Club is available via Amazon.com & BN.com. Personally autographed copies are available via PayPal. Send your request to: BooksByAmandaAdams@gmail.com

Amanda Adams

Corporate Executive Turned Author

Michigan and New York native Amanda Adams began her quest to become an author through journaling and writing poetry as a method of catharsis during her college years.  Amanda earned degrees in Information Systems and Management Science, as well as an MBA and worked as an Information Technology Executive and Management Consultant for multiple Fortune 100 companies. She spent two decades crafting a back story for her debut, The Sangrita Club, the first in a series of stories about compelling female corporate executives.  Currently, Amanda is an entrepreneur and lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband and daughter where she’s active in community activities and continues to write.